Isabella Hurlbut - 25 year-old artist and creator

Hi, I’m Bella and I am a full-time artist and creator currently residing in the NJ area.

I started drawing and painting at a young age as a way to help my anxiety and also express the plethora of feelings I always had - I quickly found out the messier the artwork better (the same goes for humans!) I created Bekindbella in 2019 mostly as a reminder to be kind to myself always - but also as a way to connect with others and their mental health struggles. My main goal for my art is to help others feel seen in their everyday thoughts and hardships, through my simple and inviting artwork. I love messily drawn things, feelings, and flowers. 

My style and the way I create is ever-changing and dependent on how I feel that day. You can mostly find me creating unique line pieces, or colorful canvases that showcases the endless emotions we carry as humans. 

Feel free to email me anytime with questions, suggestions, or requests!

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