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Isabella Hurlbut -  23 year-old artist and creator 

Hi, I’m Bella and I am a full-time artist and creator currently residing in the NJ area while figuring out what adventure I want to go on next!

I started drawing and painting at a young age as a way to help my anxiety and also express the plethora of feelings I always had - I quickly found out the messier the artwork better (the same goes for humans!) I created bekindbella this past year mostly as a reminder to be kind to myself always - but also as a way to connect with others through my art and find an outlet for my messier more colorful side. I love quirky vibrant things, feelings, and flowers. 

My style and the way I create is ever-changing and dependent on how I feel that day. You can mostly find me creating unique mixed media pieces that evoke a strong sense of happiness, vibrancy and empowerment. 

Feel free to email me anytime with questions, suggestions, or requests! 

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