How I Make My Prints/Designs: 

  • I use either my iPad Pro And Procreate or hand-paint my designs and then scan them into photoshop to then edit! 

Ordering Prints:

  • all prints are printed the standard 8.5x11 in.
  • i send out all prints myself to ensure they are the best quality! this is why i only offer standard 2-5 day shipping. 
  • requests for larger size prints can be sent to isabellahurlbut@gmail.com and i will happily work with you in ordering a larger print 


  • all apparel and items are returned to my drop-ship company - Printful - where the reason for return will be reviewed
  • after 20 days - no products will be accepted for returns. 
  • more information can be found at the bottom of the page under the return and shipping tabs

 if you have any other questions - please contact me!