How I Make My Prints/Designs: 

  • I mostly make all of my prints and designs using Procreate on my iPad. This ensures quality and even customizes of certain designs if desired. 

Ordering Prints:

  • All prints are printed the standard 8.5x11 in. on 52 lb, semi-glossy photo paper for optimal quality. They are sturdy and I print them with a .4 inch border to compensate for framing. 

  • I send out all prints myself to ensure they are the best quality! This is why i only offer standard 2-6 day shipping (there may be delays with large influxes of orders, which I will notify you of.)
  • Requests for larger size prints can be sent to bellahurlbut.art@gmail.com and i will happily work with you in ordering a larger print 

Ordering Apparel/Other Items: 

  • Apparel and phone cases are shipped SEPARATELY from my prints. This is because I use a printing provider to develop these items and they ship them from their own warehouse. If you order a print and a sweatshirt or phone case in the same order, they will arrive separately. 

  • Sweatshirts/shirts may take one to two weeks to print, fulfill, and ship. If you have any questions on your order, please email me. 


  • All apparel and items are returned to my drop-ship company - Printful - where the reason for return will be reviewed
  • After 20 days - no products will be accepted for returns. 
  • More information can be found at the bottom of the page under the return and shipping tabs

Damaged Prints/Missing Orders:

  • USPS has a bad habit of squishing my prints. If you receive a damaged print please email me with the subject line “damaged print” so I may help you as quickly as possible. As of right now, I will send you new prints if you receive damaged ones. 
  • For missing items, I unfortunately do not have control over this and is an issue on USPS’ end. However, I will work with you on filing a claim, and if possible, send you a new print if the item is not found. 

 If you have any other questions - please contact me!